Property Investment Loans

JNC Finance offers a wide range of investment home loans designed to help maximise your investments.

As a first time property investor or someone looking to expand your portfolio, it’s important to have a clear plan and investment strategy in place. Having a sense of what you want to achieve, and all the challenges involved will go a long way to making your investment property a success and building your wealth.

There are many benefits to buying an investment property; it’s a fairly secure long-term investment, it’s a solid visible asset, it can pay it’s self of when income exceeds your repayments and there are many tax benefits you may be eligible for. 



So call JNC Finance and let us help you to start building your wealth or growing your existing wealth with the right investment loan for you.


Why is the Australian Government giving away $119,833* tax free for you to buy one of these properties?

Australia is suffering from a chronic housing shortage of 254,800 dwellings across the nation, so to combat  this developing crisis, the Federal Government has grants available to residential property investors through the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). NRAS properties are new houses, townhouses and apartments distributed throughout Australia. They are usually part of developments which include owner occupier and standard investment properties. 

The returns available to investors through this scheme are unlike any other property investment opportunities on the market. With an estimated $119,833* in tax free grants being offered to investors for each property investment, most NRAS property buyers receive the dual benefit of negative gearing and cashflow positive property. 

Purchasing an NRAS property through JNC will allow you to:

  • access a direct residential property investment in a highly sought after location;
  • reduce your tax burden through negative gearing;
  • earn over $110,000 in tax free income from government incentives for every property purchased;
  • potentially enjoy positive cashflow from day one;
  • access finance strategy advice to help you purchase the property using little or none of your own money;
  • be supported by a cohesive, experienced team of mortgage managers, conveyancers and property managers;
  • make a socially responsible investment that benefits valuable members of our community;
  • enjoy increased equity as the property grows in value;
  • build your own property portfolio

Standard Variable Rate Home Loan

Standard Variable Rate loans are the most popular home loans in Australia. They offer you the most flexibility and normally come with the most features. The interest rate on these loans will move up and down depending on the official interest rate fluctuations. This is the ideal loan for the borrower who wishes to pay off their loan quicker. Many Lenders will offer discounts to the interest rate depending on the total loan amount.

Basic Variable Rate Home Loan

Basic Variable Rate loans offer a lower interest rate. They also lack many of the features of a Standard Variable rate loan. The interest rate will move up and down depending on the official interest rate fluctuations. These loans are sometimes referred to as the "No Frills" loans. These loans have much less flexibility.

Fixed Rate Home Loan

Fixed Rate loans will protect you against future interest rate changes for an agreed time, normally anywhere between one and ten years. However you also won't benefit if the rates go down during the period your loan is fixed. there are also normally limits on the amount of extra repayments that may be made during the fixed period. These loans normally revert to the Standard Variable Rate at the end of the fixed period unless "rolled over" into another fixed rate term.

Combination or Split Home Loans

Combination or Split loans allow the borrower to have the flexibility of a variable with the certainty of a fixed rate. How you split the loan is entirely up to you, normally a 50/50 or 60/40 split is the most common. You still get the benefits of additional payments on the variable with the stability of the fixed rate.

Low Documentation Home Loans

Low Documentation Loans are for self-employed people whose financial statements may not be available for many different reasons. These loans require very little or no income documentation to get approval. Normally the Lender's will only lend up to 80% of the value of the property. Under certain circumstances they are available to PAYG persons but normally only up to 60% of the value of the property.

Professional Packages

Most Lenders offer Professional Packages with a discount off of the standard variable rate. You will need to borrow $150,000 or more to qualify. There can be significant savings made if you have multiple loans. These packages will have an annual fee. The application fee is waived as well as monthly fees. You can also qualify for discounts on other financial products such as banking, credit cards and insurance.

Line of Credit Home Loan

Line of Credit or Equity Loans provide the borrower with access to the equity in their home. These loans provide access to funds, when required, up to the original limit set. The minimum repayment due each month is the interest charged. Some lenders require that principal reductions be made after a certain period of time. A customer can generally access their Line of Credit via a Cheque Book, Credit Card, ATM, Phone and Internet. You can have your salary paid directly into the loan account and you can access the balance of the loan at any time.